Schoolmarm Salons

What is a salon?

Salon was the name for a gathering of eminent or intellectual people, typically at the invitation of a woman that was common in Europe in 17th, New England in the 18th, and in Harlem, NY in the early 20th century. More on the history of salons.

Why Schoolmarm Salons?

First, to communicate the idea of structure as they use protocols and consent-based norms to create a respectful space for attendees to talk, learn, and seek clarity. Second, the topic will be education. More on the meaning of the term Schoolmarm here.

Schoolmarm Salons are…

  • an opportunity to learn from others
  • an opportunity to teach others
  • a place to find common ground
  • a time to build community
  • conversation

They are not…

  • an opportunity to proselytize or recruit
  • an opportunity to embarrass or shame
  • a place to find someone to use as an example
  • a time to disrupt or purposefully disturb others
  • about winning
Frequently Asked Questions

Join us in person!

All Western NYers interested in education are welcome to join us at the next in-person salon! Young people, elderly people, those with children and those without! A child-minder (an extra set of eyes to keep an eye out for those who want to attend and need to bring children with them) and an ASL interpreter can be made available if requested. Once you RSVP, you will receive a reply with exact meeting details. If you are not from WNY but are interested in learning more or about starting Salons in your community, please RSVP “No – but please sign me up for your newsletter.”